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If you wish to join us and race this season with an F3 1000cc, please download the 2014 membership form here.

Zürich by Night Award Dinner

Our traditional championship award dinner will take place at the restaurant Zum Kropf in the center of in Zürich, Switzerland on Saturday, January 24th, 2015 - save the date! Don't miss this opportunity and discover a new city or combine this event with some skiing in the nearby Swiss mountains. Invitation letter and reservation form are now online.

Dijon Motors Cup 2014 Dijon Nations Cup

26 screamers gather at Dijon-Prenois for the final round of the 2014 season and the 3rd revival of the Nations Cup and are rewarded with a great track and perfectly mild and sunny Fall weather on Friday and Saturday. Derossi and Gustafson are closely matched in free practice but break their engines in qualifying, prematurely ending the season and championship hopes for Gustafson while the mechanics demonstrate their skills and talent and manage to install a fresh engine in Derossi's Chevron in time for the race. Maulini takes pole ahead of Gallo and Armer, followed by a closely matched group of 8 cars all completing their best lap within 1 second! Derossi takes the lead at the start but spins in front of all the spectators on the opening lap, forcing him to start his chase all over again from the back of the field. Gallo wins the race ahead of Maulini and Armer, wrapping up an exciting day. Unfortunately the weather changes over night and race 2 has to be cancelled due to torrential downpour on Sunday. Team France FRFR wins the Nations Cup ahead of Britain A GBGB and Switzerland CHCH. Derossi wins championship ahead of Widmer and Gustafson. Results, video and pictures are now all online!


Watch the race onboard Derossi's Chevron and some laps onboard Witherspoon's Tecno, onboard Retzlaff's Brabham BT15, onboard O'nion's Tecno and onboard Widmer's Brabham BT18!

FIA HTP Renewal 2014 HTP Renewal

The FIA have released an updated Appendix "K" to reflect the recent decisions from Motor Sports World Council. The big change is the length of validity for an HTP which has now been confirmed as 10 years for HTPs on the 26 page template. However, this does not change the fact that any HTP issued before 2010 will expire on 31/12/2014. Please make sure that you start your HTP renewal process now and contact your ASN as soon as possible in order to make sure that you can compete with us in 2015! Click here for guidelines regarding the renewal process.

Oulton Park Gold Cup 2014 Oulton Park Gold Cup

Simms and Derossi share wins at Oulton Park Gold Cup. Wet track for HF3 qualifying on Saturday but perfect conditions for race on Sunday. Simms storms away to victory while all other competitors are involved in close fights throughout the race! Period racer Robs Lamplough shows his class in wet CRC qualifying and takes pole but can't keep up with Derossi in race on damp track on Monday. Great hog roast party on Saturday and thus an event definitely not to be missed! Results, pictures and video are now online!


Click here to watch the HF3 race onboard Derossi's Chevron!

Oldtimer Grand Prix 2014 Oldtimer Grand Prix

Round 4 took place at the Oldtimer Grand Prix on the Nurburgring GP circuit. After a sunny qualifying the wet tyres are needed for both races! Fischer leads early in race 1 but retires due to technical problems and hands victory to Gustafson ahead of Timms and Poponcini. Fischer takes advantage of adverse track conditions in race 2 and wins ahead of Poponcini and Gustafson, the later taking over the lead in the Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy championship! Results, pictures and race report are now online.

Juerg Dubler 1941-2014 Jürg Dubler

Sadly, period F3 driver Jürg Dubler passed away on July 26th, 2014, having lost his courageous 10 year fight against Alzheimer's disease. Jürg was one of the most prolific and successful drivers of the screamer era and was very proud to have beaten Niki Lauda on most occasions. And one of these victories was at the very fast and challenging circuit at Brno - an ultimate driving test. His books about the screamer era will remain an inspiration for all our competitors in the years to come. An extensive report about Jürg's racing career can be found here and period pictures are available on our gallery - compiled with the great support of his wife Marianne to whom we wish to extend our sincere condolences.

Brands Hatch 2010 Brands Hatch Superprix

Round 3 of the Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy took place at the Brands Hatch Superprix. Demanding schedule - two qualifying sessions and two races (HF3, CRC) all on Saturday - takes its toll! Methley masters very tricky conditions in HF3 qualifying and takes pole 2 seconds ahead of Derossi. Derossi has his radiator clipped in CRC qualifying and is forced to abandon his chase of Methley in the HF3 race due to oil temperature going through the roof. Methley takes clear win ahead of 2013 winner Thompson while Smith completes the podium. Widmer wins class in CRC race ahead of O'nion and Linstone. Results and pictures are now online.

Spa 2012 Spa Summer Classic

Derossi and Fischer share wins at Spa-Francorchamps - joined on the podium by Gustafson in both races. Perfect conditions for qualifying on Friday lets drivers enjoy slip stream battles and legendary Eau Rouge flat out in fourth gear - definitely an experience not to miss! Flooded track for race 1 on Saturday requires start behind safety car - nevertheless all cars see the checkered flag - well done! Damp track but much better conditions for race 2 on Sunday - results and pictures are now online.

Jack Brabham 1926-2014 Jack Brabham

Three-time Formula One champion Jack Brabham passed away on May 19th, 2014 at his home in Australia. He was the only driver to ever win the Formula One world-championship in a car of his own manufacture - an achievement most likely never to be repeated again. His cars dominated the F3 1000cc races in the mid-sixties and still today screamers bearing his name usually represents the largest group of cars on a typical Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy grid. As such, his legacy continues.

Mugello Classic Mugello Classic

18 screamers enjoyed a great start to our 2014 season in perfect conditions on the Scuderia Ferrari test track and one of the best circuits for F3 screamers overall! Derossi wins race 1 but falls victim to oil on track in race 2 which was won by Traber ahead of Slotine and Widmer. A fantastic event overall, great Italian hospitality and superb dinner organised by Challenge Formule Storiche on Saturday evening! Results, pictures and videos are now online.


Click here for race 1 onboard Derossi's Chevron and here for race 1 onboard Widmer's Brabham BT18! Click here for highlights of race 1 & 2 and finally click here for a commented compilation & interviews put together by our friends from the Challenge Formule Storiche!

Knutstorp Revival Knutstorp Revival

F3 1000cc drivers are invited to participate in the Knutstorp Revival - take a look at www.ringknutstorp.com/knutstorprevival for further information. A provisional time table is available online and for further details regarding this non-championship event, please contact Picko Troberg at picko@picko.se.

Bev Bond 1938-2013 Bev Bond

Sadly, period F3 driver Bev Bond passed away last Friday, November 22nd, 2013, losing his long fight against cancer. Bev's biggest win was at the 1970 British Empire Trophy at Oulton Park when he started from last place on the grid and took the lead from James Hunt on the final lap. In recent years, he helped to raise awareness for cancer in men and was instrumental in reviving the Nations Cup. His humor, his enthusiasm and passion for our sport will be sorely missed.

Dijon 2013 Dijon - Nations Cup Under Water!

Extremely wet and slippery conditions all weekend - downpour in race 1 brings out the safety car! But that didn't stop the French from putting on a great BBQ and fantastic live band on Saturday evening! Derossi wins race 1 ahead of Forward and race 2 sees them cross the finish line in reverse order. Team GBGB Britain A wins Nations Cup ahead of GBGB Britain B and FRFR France. Widmer wins championship 3 points ahead of Bosson! Results and pictures are now online!

Croft 2013 Croft Nostalgia

Grand atmosphere at Croft Nostaliga weekend! Dean Forward 5th double winner of the season winning both races under perfect conditions. Bosson has a fantastic weekend with 3rd and 2nd places and ties Widmer for championship lead ahead of final round in Dijon! Results and pictures are now online!

Brands Hatch 2013 Boiling Hot Brands Hatch Superprix!

Peter Thompson wins both races under boiling hot conditions. Lots of grip but high temperature takes its toll! Results, pictures and video are now online!


Click here to watch the HF3 race onboard Peter Thompson's Brabham BT21!

Nurburgring 2013 Sunset Thriller at the Ring!

Max Blees grabs the win on last lap of race 1 after an epic 12 lap battle of 4 screamers all finishing within 2 seconds. Fischer runs out of fuel on last lap of race 2 and hands the win to Blees ahead of Jim Timms and Vincent Rivet. Results, pictures and video are now online!


Click here to enjoy race 1 onboard Vincent Rivet's Brabham BT28 - great stuff!

Charade 2013 GP Historique de Charade 2013

Legendary Charade circuit takes its toll in challenging conditions. Methley stays flawless, takes pole and wins both races while Ferdinand Gustafson celebrates his 73rd birthday on the famous French circuit. Results, pictures and video are now online!

Hockenheim 1970 Jürg Dubler Period Photos

Period pictures from the private collection of Marianne & Jürg Dubler now online for the first time! Click here to see 144 pictures covering 1965-1970.

Imola 2013 Great Season Start in Imola!

16 screamers enjoyed their start of the season in Italy on a fantastic track with Spring showing first signs of life! Maulini dominates both races while others run out of fuel! Results, pictures and onboard video now online!


Click here for two laps around Imola in race 1 onboard Widmer's Brabham BT18!

Tecno F3 Jaussaud Tecno F3 Jaussaud

1968 Monaco-winning ex-Jaussaud Tecno F3 brought back to life! Click here for details.

Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy Video European F3 Historic Trophy Video

New Historic F3 1000cc European Trophy promotion video by Clas Müller is now available on our presentation page - have a look here for details.

Paul McMorran Monaco 2010 Paul McMorran New Crossle Cars Owner!

Have a look here for details.

Dijon 2012 Dijon - Revival of Nations Cup a Success!

27 Screamers entered the final round in Dijon on 6/7 October. Race 1 will stay in all memories with breathless outcome, while Race 2 saw the french track under slippy conditions. Our championship deserves his name, with 5 different countries in 5 first places! See results and pictures in our "Result" menu!

Croft 2012 Croft 2012

Trouble for the drivers from the continent while the British dominate! Compensated by a great BBQ! See updated results after round 4 - pictures now online!


Click here for race 2 onboard Derossi's Chevron!

Spa 2012 Spa-Francorchamps 2012

Great success and good ambiance for our belgian meeting: even the rain was there! See results and pictures in our "Results Menu"!


Click here for race 2 onboard Derossi's Chevron. Click here for race 1 & 2 onboard Ferdinand Gustafson's Brabham BT18!

Chequered Flag Chequered Flag Racing

We have been asked if we know the location of any ex Chequered Flag Racing F3 cars, the information is needed for a forthcoming book about Graham Warner the team’s owner. If you can help with any information please contact Mike Hedger of the 1000cc F3 Historic Racing Association on michael.hedger@ntlworld.com


Click here for race 1 onboard Derossi's Chevron.


Click here for race onboard Fischer's Tecno.


Click here for race 1 onboard Widmer's Brabham.


Click here for race 1 onboard Derossi's Chevron.


Click here for Vincent Rivet's onboard qualifying.

Monaco CasinoMonaco Gala Monaco 2010 Historic GP

The Screamers are back! Superb week-end at Monaco for screamers! See all results and photos in our "Results Menu" or ACM's website by a click here. HSCC complete press report here!


Click here for Tribune view of qualifying 2.
Click here for Jürg Tobler's onboard qualifying 1.
Click here for Francois Derossi's onboard qualifying lap + race start.
Click here for Francois Derossi's onboard race end.
Click here for Robert "R" onboard qualifying 1 & 2.

F3 Book Front Cover F3 The Screamer Era

Ben Cowdrey will update the section "The Scene Today" and looks for competitors who would like to include their current car in this section; Please contact him at ben.cowdrey@btinternet.com if you wish to appear in his book. Also available Ben's book about the Formula Juniors Jubilee. This book celebrate 50 years of Formula Junior Racing from 1958 and is a pictorial history of those years with championship results.

Tecno Book 2006 TECNO - La Storia

There are still a few books in stock: Hurry up if you wish to save 50% on this "Bible" about Tecno cars! (60€ instead of 120€) Please contact Giuseppe Bianchini for order by a click here!

G. Laycock Merlyn 2009 New Website for Screamers!

We are very pleased to inform you about a new website for screamers. Have a look here! Lots of informations about our cars, suppliers to repair them, races in UK and Europe, regulations etc...

Kevin Hodgkinson Chevron Formula Cars

A book about Chevron Formula Cars was published recently by Kevin Hodgkinson! 140 pages, 250 photos, all correct Chevron Formula Cars built at the Factory from 1967 to 1970...Stories of all prominent drivers from the period, technical sections, and cars racing today around the world: a superb present for approx £20.00! Please contact Kevin at ebygum.productions@ntlworld.com.


If you own an F3 1000cc and want to be informed about our serie, please enter the F3 Register by sending cars and owner's details to derossi@free.fr.